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Bitumen Decanting Unit

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Bitumen Decanting Unit

Bitumen decanter equipment from Microtech Engineering is a robust equipment designed for reliable and smooth operation. There are a lot of areas where bitumen logistics are problematic. Many companies and especially contractors are faced with unavailability of on-site bitumen and also in most cases, bulk bitumen supply is not feasible. In such cases , melting drums remains the sole option . This allows them to store the drums as their requirement and use the drums as and when required. You can transfer the liquid bitumen in storage tanks or in a vehicle to transport it.

It is available in two capacities of 5-6 tons per hour and 7-8 tons per hour. With Microtech Engineering bitumen drum melting unit, you can heat upto 32 / 44 drums of at a time. The storage of liquid bitumen is 16-17 / 19-20 tons below in the chamber. Batch time is 60-70 minutes in continuous operation. Heating of the liquid bitumen collected below is by indirect heating system and it is powered by a hot oil heater supplied with the asphalt melting equipment. The thermic oil heater is a nice and strong unit of capacity 500000 kcal/hr. / 600000 kcal/hr. and works with diesel.

The customer can buy preferred capacity of diesel tank and place the same at the site. Practically the melting rate you get is 5-6 / 7-8 tons per hour. The equipment will heat bitumen in standard drums of capacity 200 kg. each.