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Chocolate Processing plant

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Chocolate Processing plant

Chocolate Processing Machine works on the principal of high speed grinding with Stainless steel balls with very high flow rate and very low residence distribution of almost 30 to 10 seconds.

The high impeller tip speed, result in turbulence and high sheer in the mass of media and material causing micro communication, the temperature rise induced by such intense shearing action is controlled by cooling water circulated in the jacketed shell /chamber and pre mixing Tank.

It is essential to first disperse or pre -mix the materials in high speed, high shear Rotor /Stator type Disperser/ In line/In Tank Homogenizer for 15- 20 minutes with high speed at 3,000 rpm, after then the stirrer will shift to slow speed at 100 rpm for the uniform agitating of the whole batch.

This slurry is than pumped by a gear/screw pump to the chamber of Mill and the grinded material will return to mixing tank, the required number of passes at very high out put given till the desired result is achieved.

Our experience show that the through put or productivity of the machine -system is high as compared to its size and horse – power input. For average dispersion values the output typically is one L.P.M for smallest machine and up to 500 LPM for bigger model. Particle size up to one micron or 50 nm to 500 nm can be achieved.

Chocolate Processing

Chocolate means a homogeneous product obtained by an adequate process of manufacture from a mixture of one or more of the ingredients, namely, cocoa beans, cocoa nib, cocoa mass, cocoa press cake and cocoa dust (cocoa fines/powder), including fat reduced cocoa powder with or without addition of sugars, cocoa butter, milk solids including milk fat. The chocolates shall not contain any vegetable fat other than cocoa butter.

The Chocolates shall be of the following types
  1. Milk chocolates
  2. Milk Covering Chocolate
  3. Plain Chocolate
  4. Plain Covering Chocolate
  5. Blended Chocolate
  6. White chocolate
  7. Filled Chocolates
  8. Composite Chocolate