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Intank Batch Homogenizer

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Intank Batch Homogenizer

Microtech Engineering high shear In tank homogenizers are highly suitable for those viscous materials which doesn’t mix easily. It provides emulsification, homogenization, solubilization, dispersion and suspension. In-tank Homogenizer provides the centrifugal force which ensures highly narrow and efficient droplet size distribution and evenly dissolved solids. In In-tank homogenizer having a stator – rotor work head divides the machine into two separate chambers, one with inlet and another with the outlet. The accuracy of In-tank Batch homogenizer is very highly effective, improving quality of product, maintains process efficiency and increases the mixing process up to 90% than the normal agitation process.

High shear batch mixer homogenizer provides the elimination of agglomerates in the process which gives the uniform mixing as per desired conditions. Due to hydraulic and mechanical shear action, the particle size is easily reduced and dissolved very rapidly into the solution. As per desired application, the stators are available with perforations of different size and shapes and easy to movable and adjustable in the machine. The high shear batch mixer homogenizer unit is suitable for blending, mixing, emulsifying, homogenizing, solids disintegrations and suspensions.

Advatanges :
  • Portable or fixed designs
  • Over twenty different rotor stator designs to choose
  • Low power consumption per cycle
  • Nil or low maintenance
  • Adjustable shear rates