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L-89, Krishan Vihar, Near Bharat Shakti Public School, Delhi - 110086, India

Peanut Butter Plant

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Peanut Butter Plant

The peanut butter processing line developed Microtech Engineering is tailor made according to the clients demand. A wide range of formulations can be processed through a single unit comprising of all natural peanut butter, creamy peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter, and a wide other ranges. The unit comprises of the following processes namely Raw Material.

Storage — De-Stoning – Shelling – Roasting – Cooling –Sorting – Grinding – Mixing – Cooling — De-gassing – Filling.

Sequence of Processing :

Roasting : Roasting peanuts
Cooling belt : cooling peanuts after roasting
Blanching machine : peeling peanuts skin after drying and roasting
Picking belt : selection of unqualified peanuts and residue
Grinder Machine : grinding and fine grinding
Condenser : cooling after grinding
Degassing tank : degassing peanut butter before filling
Setting tank : filling and packing
Capacity : 2 Ton/Day 5 Tons/Day 8 Tons/Day 12 Tons/Day