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Polymer Modified Bitumen Plants

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Polymer Modified Bitumen Plants

PMB has played a vital role over the last decades in high density traffic load zones resulting immensely higher road life .

Due to our vast experience , we offer uniquely designed PMB plants with varying of level of automations and productivity to match our clients needs.

Modified bitumen production polymers & rubbers such as SBS, APP, PVC, EVA are blended with bitumen primarily used in the production of road surfaces & roofing felts. The polymers modify bitumen to improve its physical stability, flexibility & resistance to extreme temperatures.

Some polymers such as SBS are more difficult to dissolve/disperse & require high shear to achieve a satisfactory mixing time. Our jacketed in-line mixers attain this. The bitumen/polymer mix is recycled through the in-line homogenizer where the high shear rotor/stator work head rapidly disintegrates the polymer pieces. This high shear action exposes constantly increasing areas of fresh polymer to the surrounding bitumen, reducing the process time.

Typical applications:
  • Polymer modified bitumen (SBS)
  • Crumb Rubber Modified Bitumen (CRMB)
  • Bitumen emulsions, under seals & waterproofing compounds
  • Bitumen cable insulation