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Tomato Ketchup Plant

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Tomato Ketchup Plant

Tomato Ketchup processing plant shall comprise of the following sections:

  • Fresh tomatoes would be fed to the in-feed conveyor to feed the raw tomato to the reception section
  • The tomatoes are conveyed to washing station to remove outer dirt and foreign matter from the skin and grading section.
  • Washed tomato would be feed to the inspection cum sorting table where unwanted, damaged tomatoes would be separated out manually.
  • Washed graded tomatoes are initially boiled to a certain extent which can be used for forming pulp.
  • The boiled tomatoes would be passed on to the pulper having rotors and stator with inner and outer serration respectively to form initial thick puree/pulp of the boiled tomatoes.
  • The pulp is then de-seed and the waste is filtered out to further process into fine paste.
  • The de-seeded pulp so formed is then fed into the processing/mixing vessel.
  • The mixing vessel is mounted with the homogenizer and vacuum pump to process under vacuum along with a feeding system to feed the desired volume of ingredients directly into the cooking kettle.
  • The prepared ketchup is then pumped into the buffer storage vessel which is then transferred into the packaging station.